Education Ministry Suspends 3 Professors for Supporting Medical Students’ Exam Boycott


Rabat – The Ministry of Education has announced the suspension of three professors for supporting medical students’ final exam boycott.

The ministry has issued three statements to suspend professors in three different regions: Agadir, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

The statement  of the suspension reads: “ due to your breach of professional commitment … you have been suspended from work with the suspension of your salaries.”

The statement also announces that the ministry will send the suspended professors’ files to the disciplinary office to take the necessary measures against them.

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Ahmed Belhouss, one of the professors suspended, condemned the ministry’s decision.  Belhous says the decision violates his rights as a member of a labor union.

The ministry’s decision comes after medical students boycotted the final exams earlier this week. The students also received support from  their parents, who encouraged their protests and condemned the ministry’s reluctance to meet the students’ demands.

In a statement, the parents of the medical students in Casablanca said: “The government, and the ministries of health and education, bear  the responsibility for the lost year.”

The statement also condemned the ministry’s approach to dealing with the protests.

“We refuse the policy of imposing a fait accompli … and we condemn all pressures exerted on our children to take the June 10 exams,” added the statement.

The National Commission for Medical Students  announced that the boycott of the exams was 100% successful.

In response, Minister of Education Said Amzazi  said that his ministry had met the demands of the students.

“The case file of medical students is composed of 16 points, we have responded favorably to 14 points through the draft agreement, and we are committed to executing them,” Amzazi said.

He added:“The teachers came to monitor and the students did not come. They are under the influence of a group that threatens them, attacks them, harasses them! We believe that this is no longer a matter of pedagogy, but of politics.”

The medical students have been protesting against the Ministries of Health and Education since March. The students are  demanding radical reforms to the medical industry and threatening to continue striking until their demands have been met.