Scone | Traditional Sweet Bread From Scotland






Original article published at TasteAtlas.

Scone is a quick bread that is shaped into various forms such as squares, diamonds, and triangles, then baked in the oven. Although scones were griddle-baked and made with oats in the past, today they are traditionally made with wheat flour, baking powder or soda, butter, milk, sugar, and eggs.

They can be either savory or sweet, consumed for breakfast, or served with afternoon tea. The most popular theory about their origin says they originated in Scotland in the early 1500s, the name scones derived from the Stone of Destiny, where the Kings of Scotland used to be crowned.
This theory is supported by the fact that the first known reference in print regarding scones appeared in 1513, in the poems of a Scottish poet. Today, most of the English scones are plain, relying on the addition of jam, lemon curd, or honey for extra flavor, but there are also some decadent varieties with cranberries, nuts, chocolate bits, and dates.