Sudanese army troops committed bloody attack on protest site: official


June 13, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – The spokesman of the Transitional Military Council Thursday announced that the attack on the pro-democracy sit-in was carried out by the army forces during an operation that aimed at “cleaning” another area not far from the protest site, and admitted that these troops have committed “abuses”.

Shams al-Din Kabbashi, spokesperson of the Transitional Military Council on 7 May 2019 (Photo SUNA)

The statement was the first public acknowledgement by the Council of responsibility for the killings and abuse of protesters on 3 June. The raid which resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people according to an independent group of Sudanese doctors, while the authorities say the death toll has only reached 61people.

Shams al-Din Kabbashi said the decision to carry out the operation was taken at meeting on 2 June with the full participation of the military council members and after summoning the general prosecutor and the chief justice to take their legal advice before leaving the meeting.

“There were deviations from the initial plans put forward by the military leadership. There were abuses and happened what happened,” he said.

“Although the assailant troops did not penetrate much in the sit-in area, those who were inside the area evacuated,” he added.

He stressed the army was instructed, after the attack, not to allow civilians again to hold a sit-in near the military areas.

He also pointed out to the formation of an investigation committee which was supposed to announce the results of the investigation on Thursday. However, he added, the announcement was delayed to Saturday.

Eyewitnesses reported that the attackers threw bodies in the Nile River which is located near the sit-in and also transported other bodies to another location.

Kabbashi said that several army officers tasked with the operation have been detained.

He further stressed that the Council will not tolerate any of them, whatever their military rank.


Source: sudantribune