Gov’t urged to institute Shea Butter day


The National Coordinator of Shea Network Ghana, Iddi Zakaria wants the government to enact a policy for the use of shea butter in all boarding schools and dedicate a day for use of the product across the country.

This, according to him, will create a ready market for shea butter and improve the livelihoods of rural women within the Shea zone and thus reduce rural-urban migration.

Shea butter is regarded as the Cocoa of the North due to its multi-purpose uses.

It also serves as a major source of income for most rural women aside farming but access to the ready market is hindering the plight of shea butter trade.

Speaking at the Garu Tempane Shea Butter Project implemented by World Vision Ghana, the Coordinator for Shea Network Ghana, Iddi Zakaria asked the government to support the shea butter industry to meet the high demand for the product.

Upcoming, One-District-One-Factory, we want to see shea factories that are located within the shea zone.

We want to see women working in better Shea processing centres, financing and warehousing schemes. That is the only way, the shea sector can respond to the recent dynamics in demand of the product.”

He further called on the government to create a ready market for the product through the School feeding programme.

“We are expecting the government to support the Shea sector by boosting the local market. Can we have the school feeding programme of government include quality Shea butter so we can guarantee and with compliance with the Food and Drugs Board to supply Shea butter to boarding schools? National SheaDay, just like other commodities are being done. Can we promote it that, all of us as a people consume Shea butter on Fridays.”