Opposition Parties To Oppose Election Of ‘Problematic’ MPs For Parly Roles






The National Assembly of South Africa on 22 May 2019. Picture: @GovernmentZA/Twitter

Parliament is expected to elect a number of chairpersons to head up key portfolio committees on Tuesday morning.

The committees will be meeting for the first time since Members of Parliament (MPs) were sworn in more than two weeks ago.

But their elections will not come without any drama, as opposition parties plan to oppose the election of what some describe as “problematic candidates” like Mosebenzi Zwane and Faith Muthambi for their past indiscretions.

At least one committee chairperson convicted of wrongdoing has been removed by the African National Congress (ANC) from its list of chairpersons.

ANC MP Zukisa Faku was removed as Basic Education chairperson nominee just a few days before the committee meets to elect her.

This followed NGO Equal Education’s campaign to have Faku’s nomination withdrawn because she was convicted of fraud relating to the use of her official credit card while still the mayor of Buffalo City Metro.

While Faku has not been listed by the Democratic Alliance (DA) as being a problematic candidate, the party said it would still be opposing the elections of other chairpersons like Zwane and Supra Mahumapelo, who will head the Transport and Tourism committees respectively.

DA chief whip John Steenhuisen said: “But these other individuals are just as, if not more dangerous as Mrs Faku, we should just be worried about the potential they hold.”

The DA said it will also be laying complaints with Parliament’s ethics committee against the various chairpersons.