Jenelle Evans Takes the Stand In Custody Hearing: I’m the Best Mom Ever, Dude!


It feels like Jenelle Evans’ fight to regain custody of her kids has been going on forever.

But believe it or not, it wasn’t until this week that Evans and her (allegedly) abusive husband took the stand to explain to a judge why they should be permitted to continue raising their children.

If you know anything about the Easons temperaments, you can imagine why their lawyers might have put that part off as long as possible.

But they weren’t able to delay forever.

And so, Jenelle and David spoke on their own behalf this week — and we have the latest on how it all went down.

Read on if you’re the type who simply can’t look away from a trainwreck:

1. Courtroom Drama

According to sources close to the hearing, both Jenelle and David submitted testimony this week.

2. David on the Stand

David on the Stand

Earlier this week, we reported that David took the stand on Monday — and as you can imagine, the courtroom was stunned by his lawyers’ decision to have a known lunatic testify on his own behalf.

3. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident

David, of course, is the one who started all this when he prompted a CPS investigation by shooting and killing Jenelle’s French bulldog, Nugget.

4. A Necessary Mistake

A Necessary Mistake

So while it may seem like an egregiously bad idea for David’s lawyers to put him on the stand, it would’ve looked even worse if he had refused to testify.

5. Color Us Shocked

Color Us Shocked

“Everyone was surprised that David’s lawyer was willing to put him on the stand,” one insider told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

6. Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire

“No one expected him to testify,” the insider added. “He only got up on the stand during the last few minutes [of the hearing on Monday], and only his own lawyer questioned him.”

Source: thehollywoodgossip