Maimane Still Open To Negotiate With EFF But Will Not Compromise On Principles






DA leader Mmusi Maimane.

While the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has announced its divorce from the Democratic Alliance (DA), Mmusi Maimane has told Eyewitness News that his party is still open to negotiate with the EFF to find some common ground.

The red berets have announced they will stop supporting the DA in the hung metros of Tshwane and Johannesburg after the main opposition party refused to hand over the mayorship to the EFF in the capital.

The EFF wanted the position, saying they were ready to govern.

It all looks like a done deal, the DA-led coalition is on its own and won’t be getting support from the EFF in Tshwane and Johannesburg.

But Maimane still has hope.

“We are open to negotiate, we are open to discuss this matter.”

He said what the DA won’t do, is compromise on its principles to make the EFF happy.

“Coalitions only work on principle, they don’t just work on simply just saying you’ll be pragmatic or you’ll ignore your own principles. Our principles are crucial.”

Maimane said that his party would never give the mayorship to the EFF in the hung metros because the red berets are not the biggest party in those regions.