King Mohammed VI Renews Calls for Dialogue with Algeria

King Mohammed VI with Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Prince Moulay Rachid

Rabat – In his speech on the eve of Throne Day, King Mohammed VI renewed his call  for dialogue with Algeria in the hopes of breaking the stalemate currently hindering the Maghreb unity project.

The monarch said that Morocco has reaffirmed its sincere commitment to the “policy of the outstretched hand towards our Algerian brothers, out of loyalty to the bonds rooted in brotherhood, religion, language and good-neighborliness that have always existed between the peoples of the two sister nations.”

The King then echoed the statement of friendship he made on November 6, 2018 during the 43rd  anniversary of the Green March. 

During his Green March speech, the King  invited Algeria to join a “frank” and a “direct dialogue,” to break the political stalemate between Rabat and Algiers, to restore full diplomatic ties, and to reopen the borders between the two countries.

Despite the offer for talks, Algeria continues to oppose Morocco and question its territorial integrity by supporting and financing the Polisario Front.

Although there has been no official response from Algeria, the King renewed his call to end the frozen diplomatic relations.

On this subject, the King recalled how Moroccans celebrated  Algeria’s 2019 African Cup of Nations victory.

He said Morocco’s commitment was shown through “the sincere and spontaneous manifestations of friendliness and support expressed by Morocco – its King and its people – for the Algerian national football team at the African Cup of Nations held in our sister country, Egypt. Moroccans shared in the Algerian people’s joy and pride when their national team deservedly won the Cup. It was as if Morocco had won, too.”

After Algeria’s win, King Mohammed VI addressed a message to congratulate Algeria and its people over the victory.

“Because of this awareness and of the belief that ours is a common destiny and that we share the same historical and cultural heritage, we are optimistic and hopeful that we can work for the fulfilment of Maghreb people’’ aspirations for unity, complementarity and integration.”

 King Mohammed also called for unity across the Maghreb region, in the interests of its people.