Moroccan Immigrant Dies In Valencia Detention Center

Protest in Front of Valencia Detention Center

Rabat – The Court of Valencia opened an investigation into the alleged suicide of an inmate at the Zapadores Migrant Detention Center in Valencia, a 25 years old Moroccan national. The Moroccan man died on the afternoon of July 15. 

According to Levante-EMV, the young man had arrived a few days before at the detention center in Valencia, from Alicante. The Spanish outlet pointed out that there was no imminent expulsion order against the young man.

According to Publico, “after lunch and when all the inmates were in their respective rooms, the deceased got out of bed, tied his shirt to the upper bunk and hung himself.” 

“When the guards noticed, the young man had already died,” said the Spanish source.

Apparently, on July 14, the police officers guarding the detention center had to intervene to stop a fight, involving the victim. The altercation was between a group of Moroccans and a group of South Americans.

As reported by Eldiarioes, the Government delegate in the Valencia Region, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, told journalists that “as a result of his injuries (from the fight) and as it seemed that the other group’s attention was focused on him, he was provisionally isolated for his own protection.”

“He was under surveillance, and in the few minutes he spent between one control and the next, it seems that he decided to take his own life,” further explained the delegate.

Levante-EMV reported that the court investigated how the victim could have committed suicide despite the center being equipped with guards and surveillance cameras in the rooms and in the common areas.

The judge requested the recordings be examined for any negligence in the care of the inmates.

Publico reported that the removal of the body was carried out by a judicial commission. The commission determined the cause of death as suicide by suffocation, pending confirmation of the autopsy. 

Several Spanish NGOs requested that the circumstances of the death be clarified. They asked that it be made clear the center’s management or the guards had been negligent, reports Eldiarieos.

The Campaign for the Closure of Detention Centers and the End of Deportations requested that citizens gather in front of the Zapadores center on July 16 to urge the Government to implement the Center’s closure decision.

According to 20 Minutos, in 2018, more than 30 organizations called for a demonstration against “institutional racism” and detention centers in Spain.