No Racial Profiling Happening In Medical Scheme Industry, Inquiry Told






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The Health Funders Association (HFA) on Friday said that to its knowledge, there was no racial profiling happening in the medical scheme industry.

The association that represented medical schemes made representations at the Section 59 inquiry into allegations of racial profiling on Friday.

It said it was unable to say whether most doctors who got the medical scheme pricing codes wrong, did so with or without intent to commit fraud.

The Health Funders Association denied allegations that medical schemes targeted black and Indian health professionals and fraudulently withheld their payments.

The association’s Teddy Mosomothane said: “As HFA, we are of the view that schemes and administrators’ interpretation of Section 59 is accurate and there’s no conclusive evidence of racial profiling presented.”

He said they were fully participating in the inquiry to ensure fairness

“Where information is required it’s not clinical because medical schemes already have that information.”

HFA would not be drawn on whether it was legal for non-medical professionals to demand clinical information but it said everyone must abide by the law.