Who Get Ear Vol. 76: Here are the 10 Songs You Need To Play This Week


It’s been an eventful week in Nigerian Hip-Hop. We’ve seen supposed beef tracks fly around on Twitter. But more importantly, Davido is popping.

On last week’s episode of ‘Who Get Ear,’ we had Asriel NG, Adeoluwa, Lexjnrr, Eeskay and and a few others. You can check the list HERE.

This week, we arrange the songs from the slow and emotional to lamba music, then slower afro-fusion and finally, some Hip-Hop. For volume 76 of Who Get Ear, you can check the list below;

Ouma Ibrahim – Different Pictures

To launch this week is Ouma Ibrahim. Although she’s been on this Soundcloud streets for a minute, a lot of people might not know her.

A few weeks ago, she released this track that addresses a particular character’s tendency to alter perspective -in this case, it seems like love.

Sydney of Africa – Ghost

If his catchy name gets you to play his music, his voice type and brand of music will make you continue listening.

This one sees Sydney issue out a stern warning to a lover who refuses to give up on him. One on the first part, he seems like an affectionate person hoping his lover doesn’t get a heartbreaking confirmation, on the other part, he seems like a playboy.

Renna Uzo – Hold Something

On to faster pace, Renna Uzo jumps on what seems like Ghanaian dance music from the early 2010s with Igbo rap.

IDYL featuring Rowlene – Satisfy Me (ADM Remix)

In 2017, IDYL won season two of The Voice, a Nigerian singing competition. He has been making moves since then, but this one stands out.

He released the original ‘Satisfy Me’ a few months ago. It features South African singer, Rowlene, but he calls this one its ‘African dance music’ remix. Honestly, it sounds like EDM from the staple of Naughty Boy or Benny Bennassi.

Hengzie featuring Orijinal – Only You

Hengzie raps about the topic of love and ‘washes’ a Nigerian women on this lo-fi afro-fusion beat.

Reggie – Price

Another afro-fusion, but a different topic. This time, Reggie samples Mario’s classic, ‘Let Me Love’ to tell his story which appraises a beautiful woman.

But apparently, while he ‘washes’ her, she insists on being washed further. This leads Reggie to say he’s willing to pay any price.

Vinn featuring Solibaly and Khal’ed – London Girl

It sounds like Tonero’s ‘Thunder’ in so many ways. We all know about the famed curves of ‘London girls.’

These three acts collaborate to sing a ode to a London girl as an epitome of beauty.

Yakeeb featuring Zamir – Schemes

Featuring Zamir of LOS, Yakeeb throws down, bragging his way through a heavy trap record.

E3 MHYA – Puppy Love

On a beat cut from the same cloth as ‘Mo Bamba’ by Sheck Wes or ‘Rodeo’ by Lil Nas X, E3 MHYA performs about the atypical ratchet love.

Emmeno featuring D-Truce and Maka – Observation

On what is the song of the week, Emmeno has the dream team. The song documents the journey of Nigerian youth in Lagos.

The canvas on which this story is told are aspirations and vanity. This is one of those empirically relevant songs and the production is so good.