Moet Abebe teases fans with steamy photos


We kind of always wait to see what Moet Abebe is up to on her social media page because you can be lucky to bump into her sexy photos. Well, the On-Air personality didn’t disappoint us as she blessed her fans on her Instagram page on Sunday, August 4, 2019, with some hot photos.

“They said it’s supposedly “Hot Girl Summer”…. and boy was it hot today!!! 👙: @bikinighana 📸: @mregofix for @egofixtv 💄: @temmie_jisolar #radiogoddess👑 #moetabebe,” she captioned the photos.

We can all agree that these photos are hot as described by its owner…don’t we all love it when Moet Abebe shares photos like this? Just in case you are a newbie to Moet Abebe’s world, she is a very bold woman who is never shy to show off some skin at any time.

Moet Abebe serving us some bikini body goals [Photos]

Love it or not, Moet Abebe’s relentless effort at showing off her bikini body is gaining so much momentum. This time around the On-Air personality is giving a whole new perspective of how to look great in a bikini. She took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, where she shared a series of dripping hot bikini photos.

“Let me just drop this here!!! Moet Abebe, you have been through it all… what hasn’t been said about you??? But it’s ok baby gehl because they don’t understand you and your confidence frightens them… I am proud of ME!!! Proud of my skin and flaws!!! This picture is everything and more to me… Thank you @mregofix for @egofixent…. you are so gifted and I can’t wait for the world to see your GREATNESS… My #wcw is myself ❤️❤️ #moetabebe #radiogoddess👑..” she captioned one of the photos.

Well, if you are a fan or follower Moet Abebe on Instagram, you’d get a feel of how cool it is to be very comfortable in your skin. Moet Abebe loves to tease the guys and we think they all loveeee the idea.