Ministry of Culture to Publish New ‘Encyclopedia of Moroccan Culture’

Traditional Moroccan architecture

Rabat – The project aims to provide an encyclopedic source tracing the aspects of Moroccan culture and heritage in its intellectual, creative, and artistic dimensions. The encyclopedia will be a joint project involving 130 Moroccan researchers.

“It also intends to showcase the country’s diverse and rich Arab-Muslim, Amazigh, Saharawi, African, Andalusian, Hebrew, and Mediterranean components,” says the ministry’s statement.

According to the ministry, the encyclopedia will highlight important aspects of Moroccan culture, such as material heritage (archaeological sites, world heritage sites, and historical monuments), as well as intangible heritage (UNESCO’s list of national cultural heritage, gastronomic art, and traditions).

Additionally, the encyclopedia will include Moroccan literature of all genres and languages ​​combined, Moroccan philosophy, plastic and visual arts, theater, cinema, music, dance, as well as the presence of Moroccan culture in foreign literary and artistic works.

The encyclopedia will also focus on a bibliography of writings by Moroccan, Arab, and foreign researchers devoted to aspects of Moroccan culture, concluded the ministry.