Hajj: NAHCON Holds National Prayer Session For Nigeria At Arafat


MAKKAH – As part of its own intervention towards seeking lasting solutions to the myriads of problems confronting Nigeria, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), on Saturday organised a national prayer session for the country and its leaders.

The session, which was put together by the acting chairman of NAHCON, Mukhtar Muhammad, was driven by the National Ulama Committee made up top Islamic clerics from across the country to the 2019 Hajj exercise.


The NAHCON’s boss, who opened presentation at the event, called on the Ulamas and Pilgrims alike to pray for the peace and economic stability of Nigeria, saying that the country at this point is in dire need of Divine intervention to overcome its current challenges.

The NAHCON boss also urged the gathering to, as a matter of national socio-economic urgency and progress, pray for youths, whom he said, have taken to alien ways of life influenced by exposure to Western culture and negative peer pressure.

He said the incidence of substance abuse by the youth, especially in northern part of the country, largely accounts for the persistent cases of insecurity in the region and other parts of Nigeria.

He noted that people should not look at the faces of those managing the affairs of NAHCON either at state or national levels, saying that the focus should be on the significance of Hajj, which has been made possible by the grace and mercy of Almighty Allah.

While commending the efforts of the Saudi Arabian government to successfully facilitate the 2019 Hajj exercise, especially as it relates to the Nigerian contingents to the holy land, Mukhtar also called for prayers for the host kingdom of Saudi Arabia, saying that the comfort and peaceful atmosphere provided by the Kingdom could only have been possible in a stable society.

He called on Pilgrims and their handlers to avoid any act or omission that would bring negative impact to the peace and stability of Saudi Arabia, adding that “whatever affects the kingdom affects the entire Muslim world”.

He urged Pilgrims to “take advantage of the opportunity presented by this Divine Providence to pray for the social and economic upliftment of Nigeria, particularly its leadership with a view to guiding their decisions in manners that benefit the people”.

The NAHCON boss also reiterated his call for sober reflection in the affairs of the commission, saying that “some of those who were with us last year are no more due to the ultimate call of nature.”

He prayed the Almighty Allah, who made it possible for the agency to bring all Pilgrims to the holy land, to also grant it the wisdom and strength to safely return each and everyone to their respective abodes.

Members of the Ulamas took turn to offer prayers for the country on different issues ranging from insecurity to unemployment, under-development and every other social challenges facing the country.

The clergies, who prayed in different Nigerian languages including English, also prayed for the President for strength, health and wisdom to identify those who can help him deliver his intended policies aimed at bringing peace and development to Nigeria.

Source: independent.ng