Ashley Martson: I’m Telling ALL of Jay Smith’s Dirty Secrets!


90 Day Fiance cheater Jay Smith has moved on with his mistress, but what is Ashley up to?

As it turns out, she’s busy dropping truth bombs in a new interview with In Touch Weekly.

Fans have had a lot of questions for a long time — about her, about Jay, and about what she has planned.

Ashley is telling all, addressing her wildest rumors, and offering up a lot of new information.

Some of it is bound to upset Jay. Take a look:

1. Ashley is spilling the beans!

In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Ashley is answering questions that have been haunting 90 Day Fiance fans for months.

2. WHY did she storm off at the Tell All Special?

WHY did she storm off at the Tell All Special?

“I’m still under contract,” Ashley laments. “So I can’t really say.” She does confirm that it had nothing whatsoever to do with Jay.

3. Jay keeps hinting SHE’s the bad guy — what’s that about?

Jay keeps hinting SHE's the bad guy -- what's that about?

Ashley notes that Jay has been receiving a massive amount of backlash and says that he’s just trying desperately to deflect blame. “I just wish he would own up to it instead of trying to throw me under the bus.”

4. Did Ashley cheat too?

Did Ashley cheat too?

No — she did receive some suggestive texts from someone else at the barbershop, but that was a while back. Ashley declined and even showed Jay.

5. It was a set-up, anyway

It was a set-up, anyway

Ashley says that she later learned that Jay had arranged for the flirty texts to be sent to her, possibly as some sort of test to see if Ashley would cheat. It sounds weird, but remember: no one is more paranoid about being cheated upon than cheaters themselves.

6. Why did Jay’s own friends sell him out?

Why did Jay's own friends sell him out?

Ashley explains that Jay had been too disrespectful too many times for any level of “bro code” or whatever to require them to keep his secrets. Apparently, the bathroom bang was not an isolated incident.

Source: thehollywoodgossip