Sydney Stabbing Victim Identified as Michaela Dunn, Attacker as Mert Ney


Rabat – Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) Police Force have identified the victim of the stabbing in Sydney which took place on Tuesday, August 13. The victim, 24-year-old Michaela Dunn, died after a man went on a stabbing spree in Sydney’s central business district (CBD).

Police described the stabbing spree as “6 minutes of terrifying carnage.”

Today, Wednesday, August 14, police released a statement saying the young woman had sustained injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene, an apartment in the CBD.

“The family of the woman whose body was located in an apartment in Sydney CBD yesterday have requested privacy,” the statement said. “While her family appreciate the support offered by the community, they have requested their privacy at this difficult time.”

Dunn was allegedly stabbed to death when Mert Ney, a 20-year-old who police say has a history of mental illness, went on a stabbing spree on Tuesday.

The police investigation found that Dunn was known to the suspect and they had been in contact via telephone that day. The exact link between the two is yet to be determined. Police added that Dunn was working as a sex worker, and Ney may have visited the apartment for an appointment.

A 41-year-old woman, unknown to Ney, was also stabbed in the back in a hotel lobby, but she survived the attack and is currently in hopital. Police say she is lucky to be alive.

Ney’s 41-year-old victim being transported to hospital after being stabbed in the back.

Links to terrorism could carry heavy sentence

Ney remains under police guard in hospital after he was detained by several members of the public who chased him after he jumped on the hood of a car, brandishing a bloodied knife. The men, who used cafe stairs and a milk crate to subdue Ney, have been lauded as “heroes of the highest order” by police.

Ney’s motives have not yet been confirmed by Australian authorities.

Although he was arrested carrying a USB with information about terrorist attacks and extremist ideologies and allegedly shouted “Allahu Akbar,” police currently believe he did not have any known links to terror groups, and that he acted alone.

Mert Ney being arrested after he was subdued by the public.

However, NSW Police Force Commissioner Mick Fuller told media this morning that a full investigation into the Ney’s motivation behind the stabbing rampage could take weeks or even months.

“What he has on social media, what we can find in his bedroom may shine a light… on what his intent was,” said Fuller.

“If we can link him to terrorist activities, the offences would see him locked away for a very, very long time.”

Fuller also called on the Australian public to come forward if they have any knowledge on Ney’s life and movement leading up to the attack. “If a person has seen him… go to any place of worship please come forward,” he said.

Ney is likely to be charged tonight or tomorrow with murder and serious assualt charges, with more charges to be tacked on if terrorist links are discovered further into the investigation.

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