Return Flights of 32,000 Moroccan Pilgrims to Begin on Friday


Rabat – Moroccan pilgrims who finished  the rituals of Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, this year will start returning to Morocco on Friday, August 16.

Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported that the first group of Moroccan pilgrims who will return to Morocco will be divided into three flights.

The first flight will head to Rabat, while the other two flights will land in Casablanca, the official Moroccan delegation for the 2019 Hajj said.

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The pilgrims who are not in a hurry to comeback and will return to Morocco after they have finished Hajj rituals. The final ritual for the pilgrims will be the “stoning of the devil”  ritual at Mina, Saudi Arabia.

The act is one of the major rituals in Mina, 5 kilometers to the east of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The ritual marks the end of the Hajj Pilgrimage in Mina.

Tens of thousands ofMuslims from different countries worldwide chant “Allah Akbar” (God is great) and throw stones at pillars or “jamrat.” The three pillars, called jamarat, represent Satan in Mina.

Pilgrims pelt seven stones at each pillar.

The ritual honors the prophet Abraham’s stoning of the devil, who attempted to convince him to disobey God’s order.

The prophet’s determination to obey God and sacrifice his son Ishmael overcame the devil’s temptation, according to the Qur’anic account.

Just before Abraham sacrificed his son, God provided a male goat to sacrifice instead to honor Abraham for obeying God’s command.

Hamou Ouehli, the secretary of state for Rural Development and Waters said that the Moroccan pilgrims performed the Hajj rituals in “peace and serenity and under very normal conditions.” Ouehli led the Moroccan official delegation for pilgrims this year.

The number of Moroccan pilgrims who performed the Hajj in 2019, is estimated at nearly 32, 000 pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia said that the nu overall number of Hajj this year reached 2,489,406, including 1,855,000 pilgrims from abroad.