Nanumba South: Police quell tensions over enskinment of chief at Lugni


Calm has returned to Lugni in the Nanumba South district in the Northern Region after tensions nearly escalated into a clash.

The dispute was over the planned enskinment of a new Chief.

A police team had to be deployed to the area to keep the peace in the town.

The District Chief Executive of the Nanumba South District, Munkaila Nagtomah in a Citi News interview said the DISEC had anticipated that the tensions could escalate.

“We had a security brief and we realised that the grounds were not good for the enskinemnt so we quickly wrote to the concerned parties asking them to put it on hold.”

But the DISEC’s advice was not taken and the enskinment went ahead leading to the eventual police intervention.

“I quickly dispatched my police commander and his men there to pick up the man from the area so now he has been moved from the district to Bimbill and calm has been restored.”

Source: Mohammed Aminu Alabira | | Ghana