13 TV Characters That Really Need to Die


Some TV character do terrible things. Like, REALLY terrible things.

And these 13 are some of the worst on all of television. 

That’s why the only satisfying conclusion for them involves them being six feet under. 

Have a look below. 

1. Alpha – The Walking Dead

Alpha is the show’s scariest villain to date, but she has killed multiple beloved characters, meaning that she has to go. Carol has to take her down in horrible fashion.

2. Jon Snow – Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones may be over, but Jon had turned into a ridiculous character who became less significant in the final two seasons. He then killed the Mother of Dragons.

3. Nate – Euphoria

Nate - Euphoria

Where do we start with this loser? Nate catfished a girl at his school and then tried to accuse her of creating child pornography to keep her silent. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

4. Frank Gallagher – Shameless

Frank Gallagher - Shameless

Frank is the most despicable character on all of television. He would rather get drunk and high on drugs than look after his children. He’s the worst.

5. Aunt Lydia – The Handmaid’s Tale

Aunt Lydia - The Handmaid's Tale

Aunt Lydia whacks the handmaids as soon as they look at her the wrong way. Every single time there’s a semblance of a human there, she does something completely horrible to someone.

6. Negan – The Walking Dead

Negan - The Walking Dead

Negan is a rapist, so forgive us for not buying the hero edit he’s been getting of late. He also killed some big fan-favorites. He needs to die.

Source: thehollywoodgossip