#AmINext: Demonstrators Expected To Gather Again Despite Arrests






Protesters gathered outside the Cape Town International Convention Centre during a gender-based violence protest on 4 September 2019. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN.

Gender-based violence demonstrators are expected to again gather at Parliament from 10am on Thursday.

While delegates gathered for the World Economic Forum on Africa on Wednesday, anger boiled over on the sidelines of the event.

Demonstrators converged on the Cape Town International Convention Centre on Wednesday to vent their anger over gender violence.

Ten people were taken into custody amid the chaotic protests.

After a day of protests, police used stun grenades and a water cannon to disperse protesters who tried their best to disrupt the World Economic Forum for Africa.

When a group of demonstrators tried to block a major road, they were showered with blue-dyed water.

Parliament was also the scene of a protest against the ongoing murder of women and children.

Demonstrators called on lawmakers to take more stringent action against offenders. One woman’s name and face were on most protest posters, Uyinene Mrwetyana.

She’s the 19-year-old student who was raped and murdered at a Claremont post office late last month. She’s just one of several females who’ve been killed in recent days.