Maroc Telecom: Fault in Cross-Atlantic Cable Is Disrupting Internet

Maroc Telecom headquarters in Rabat.

Rabat – Morocco’s largest telecommunications operator, Maroc Telecom, has apologized for the poor quality of the internet.

In a Facebook post, the company said that a fault in one of its cables crossing the Atlantic ocean has caused some disruptions in its internet services.

“MarocTelecom has mobilized all necessary means, including a specialized cable ship, to restore the situation as soon as possible,” the post said.

Maroc Telecom presented its apologies for the inconvenience and said that the problem is beyond their control.

Moroccans have often complained about  Maroc Telecom’s poor services.

Some internet users commented that the internet has always experienced disruptions even before the cable breakdown. Others said that they are paying for a service they are not receiving.