2019 Marhaba Operation: 2.5 Million Moroccan MREs Returned to Europe from Morocco


Rabat – Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani has said that 2,697,867 Moroccans returned to Europe from Morocco through the 2019 Marhaba operation. Marhaba operation is an operation to facilitate the annual transit of Moroccans residing abroad

On September 10, El Othmani announced on Twitter that 10,497 Moroccans returned to Europe from Tangier med port on September 8.

Expressing satisfaction with the operation, El Othmani added that “this shows the great efforts by the concerned parties.”

Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) quoted statistics from the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, which differ from the numbers shared by the head of government.

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The ministry said that 2.5 million passengers took part in Operation Marhaba 2019.

The ministry added that the port of Tangier Med maintained the lead by receiving 55% of the global passenger traffic and 66% of the global traffic of vehicles.

Tangier City port followed Tangier Med Port, receiving 27 % of passenger traffic and 17 % for vehicles.

The statement from the ministry said that the port of Nador recorded 16% of total passenger traffic and 16% of vehicle traffic.

The peak of the entry phase in the operation was recorded on August 4 at the Port of Tangier Med with 32,330 passengers and 8, 290 vehicles.

The port of Tangier City reached its peak on July 28 with 8,681 passengers and 1,586 vehicles.

For the return phase, Tangier Med Port recorded its peak on August 28 with 34,283 passengers and 7,535 vehicles.

The peak day was recorded on August 23 in Tangier City port with 10,484 passengers and 1,906 vehicles.

Like El Othmani, the ministry concluded that operation Marhaba 2019 was conducted “in good conditions of comfort and safety thanks to the combined efforts of several departments involved.”

Source: moroccoworldnews.com