EP Review: ‘LA Confidential’ marks a commendable debut for GoodGirl LA


At the time, it was just available for streaming on Boomplay. She tells Pulse about the making, conception, idea and execution of the EP. Two days prior, she had a listening party for the album on Victoria Island, Lagos.

During the event, she told attendees that some of the songs were created off real-life situations while others are circumstantial.

On your first listen, one of the first things you would realize about GoodGirl LA is that she has a sound and very imaginative songwriting. She seems particular about telling love stories with her music – on this EP, most discuss dysfunctional love affairs. Another positive is how LA writes and sings in pidgin – beautiful detail.

The first track off the EP is, ‘Inspire.’ On fusion of afro-percussion and R&B, LA craves mutual inspiration. ‘Inspire’ is a metaphor for ‘catching feelings.’ She is in the zone, and craves to know her lover’s stance.

‘Tired’ is again afro-fusion. LA is decisive as she tells a lover that she’s tired and ready to break-up. While she is still caught in two minds, she is swayed to move on.

The Quebeats-produced ‘Waste No Time’ was named on Pulse’s ‘Who Get Ear’ Vol. 81. On it, there’s no love yet. Both interested parties drag their feet on important moments. LA’s character is ready and wants her lover to make good on his “early December” promise.

‘Why’ is a potential single with a very memorable hook The R&B-production by Leriq is eclectic. LA sings her heart out to an increasingly distant lover. He wants to move on, but she wants him to stay. She asks, ‘Why?

‘Pina’ is the first single off this EP. Its sound is hi-life that originates from South-Eastern Nigeria. ‘Sora’ is an afro-fusion party starter on which LA celebrates herself. With ‘E Sure,’ we are back to love. On it, LA reiterates the authenticity of her love to a rich, handsome lover.

‘Greatest (God of Shutdown)’ is simply the best song on this EP. The sentimental ballad perfectly suits LA’s incredible vocals and the trend of introspect that this EP is littered with. Yes, it’s a risque choice, but love and gratitude are not mutually exclusive. Even if you’re not religious, you can enjoy the sound.

Final Thoughts

While not excellent, LA Confidential is a good debut on which this writer feels ‘Sora’ is the only questionable song. LA has found her sound through which one can find singles, but that one genuine hit doesn’t seem a part of this EP. That said, it’s no reason to panic. LA is on the right path and it will come in due time.

If anything, LA Confidential EP proves that she can make projects – a scarce trait these days. There’s a lot of cause for optimism.

Ratings: /10

•   0-1.9: Flop

•   2.0-3.9: Near fall

•   4.0-5.9: Average

•   6.0-7.9: Victory

•   8.0-10: Champion

Pulse Rating: /10

Tracklist: 1.0/2

Content and Themes: 1.5/2

Production: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.0/2

Execution: 1.0/2


6.0 – Victory

Source: pulse.ng