Amber Portwood Threatens to STAB Andrew Glennon In Shocking Leaked Audio!


Back in July, Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges.

The Teen Mom OG star allegedly brandished a machete and attacked her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, while he was holding the couple’s 1-year-old son.

Despite Amber’s long history of violent behavior, she was defended by numerous supporters, including her co-stars, who repeatedly stated that they did not believe the allegations.

Now, however, an audio recording obtained by the YouTube vlog Without a Crystal Ball proves definitively that Amber was in the habit of physically threatening Andrew and engaging in all manner of verbal abuse.

We wonder what her castmates will have to say now …

Take a look:

1. House of Horrors

There was a time when Amber and Andrew seemed to enjoy a decently happy relationship. But after their July 4 blowout, Andrew revealed that he lived in fear of her from the start.

2. Now We Know Why

Now We Know Why

Amber is still awaiting trial after being arrested for attacking Andrew with a machete on Independence Day.

3. A Short Leash

A Short Leash

Though she was quickly released on bond, Portwood has been barred from contacting Glennon, and she’s only permitted to see her son, James, during brief, court-supervised visits.

4. The Real Fireworks

The Real Fireworks

According to Andrew, Amber became upset and started an argument due to the fact that the family was running late for a local fireworks display.

5. Angry Amber

Angry Amber

Glennon says she soon became physically aggressive and attacked him while he was holding baby James.

6. Unconscionable


She later brandished a machete, and when Andrew locked himself inside a bedroom with James, Amber attempted to break down the door.

Source: thehollywoodgossip