Multiple Low-Cost Airlines Launch New Flight Routes Connecting Morocco, France


Rabat – The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) has announced the launch of 14 additional flight routes between various cities in Morocco and France. The announcement, which was made earlier today, follows the establishment of 24 routes between Morocco and France during the summer of 2019. 


The low-cost British airline EasyJet will have six new flight options from France to the coastal Moroccan cities of Tangier and Agadir. 

Passengers can fly between Tangier and Nantes twice a week. The line between Agadir and Nantes will also operate twice a week.  

Flights from Nice will connect to Tangier and Agadir twice a week, as well.

The Toulouse-Agadir line will have three flights a week, and the Lyon-Tangier line will have a rate of two weekly frequencies. 


Ryanair, a budget Irish airline, is set to launch four lines between France and Morocco.

Flights will connect Toulouse and Tangier, Toulouse and Oujda, Bordeaux and Nador, and Marseille and Essaouria. Each line will operate twice a week. 


Beginning on November 7, the low-cost Dutch company Transavia will operate a direct flight connecting Paris-Orly and Ouarzazate in southern Morocco. The flights will occur twice weekly.

The president of Transavia France, Nathalie Stubler, is set to sign an agreement with ONMT which will allow Transavia to serve a total of eleven destinations in Morocco.   


Volotea, a budget Spanish airline, will fly between Strasbourg and Marrakech, along with Nantes and Tangier, twice a week. 

Air Arabia

Travelers can fly between Lyon and Tangier twice a week with the low-cost Emirati airline Air Arabia.  

These new airline developments underscore the ever-increasing frequency of French tourism in Morocco. From January to May 2019, French visitors made up 36 percent of Morocco’s tourism market. 3 percent of this figure consists of Moroccan nationals residing in France.  

The most recent launches will serve to further accommodate French tourists as well as the Moroccan diasporic community in France, which is estimated to be over 2 million people.