Survey: Call Center Work Boosts Careers and Stress


Rabat – Moroccan recruitment website ReKrute published a survey on the pros and cons of call center work. The survey, published on Tuesday, October 1, studied a sample of 1359 Moroccans who currently work in or have previously worked in a call center. 

ReKrute carried out the survey to analyze whether call center jobs are a life-changing opportunity when it comes to looking for a future job and developing soft-skills. The survey also revealed the negative aspects of call center jobs.

Around 54% responded positively to questions about the benefits of call center experience for future jobs. The study subjects said that their experience in call centers helped them to develop their skills and find a future job.

“Call centers allow employees to acquire new key skills to help them develop their career,” said ReKrute.

However, a further 46% stated that their experience in call centers did not help them to get another job.

Meanwhile, 35% of call center employees declared that call centers are an opportunity-rich environment and helped them to learn good manners in business.

The positive impact on employees’ lives is attributed to the large teams, the objectives, and workflow which requires psychological and interpersonal skills, and a good stress-resistance.

A stressful environment

While the survey found that call center work can be career-boosting, it also found some more negative aspects. 

Call center workers reported feeling stressed and nervous following the pressure of the work environment.

Around 72% of the respondents said they suffered from stress. The survey report linked the stress levels to handling customer calls, in addition to pressure to meet the team goals.

To ensure a smooth workflow, some call centers managers pay as much attention to work as they do to the workplace by creating entertainment spaces such as video games room, restrooms, pool rooms, and relaxation days.

Around 35% consider that the remuneration is ‘moderate’ while 41% think that it is attractive.