Morocco Top Importer of Tunisian Dates


Rabat – The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture reported that Morocco remains the top importer of Tunisian dates with 33.000 from October 1, 2018, to September 30, 2019.

“Tunisian dates have been exported to 73 destinations, including Morocco (33,000 tons), the larger import market followed by Spain with 9,500 tons.”

Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported that Tunisia recorded revenues of 871 million dinars or 278 million from date exports. The data comes from the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture.

The Tunisian Ministry added that exports of Tunisian dates have increased during the 2018-2019 season by more than 13% from last season.

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The data also showed that Tunisian production of dates reached 288,000 tons including 228, 000 tons of the deglet nour or the “royal dates.”

The deglet nour is well-known in the Middle East and the Maghreb, but especially in Tunisia, its leading producer. It can also be found in many US stores.  

 The quantities of organic dates exported reached 9,200 tons this season.  The value of the organic dates exported is estimated at nearly €25 million.

Tunisia also announced an increase of date exports to Canada by 11%, Singapore by 42%, and Bangladesh by 54%.

Morocco is also a major date producer in the region. In 2016, Morocco produced record 128,000 tons of dates in 2016, a 16% increase from 2015.

Among the multiple date varieties produced in Morocco’s Draa Tafilalet region includes majhoul, anbara, and deglet nour.

Another popular date variety in Morocco, sukkari dates are sugary as their name suggests. They are crisp and have a very sweet flavor.