Sudans transitional authority adopts amended constitution


October 2, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – A joint meeting of the Sovereign Council and the cabinet formally adopted on Wednesday the amended Transitional Constitutional Document that allows the appointment of the Attorney General and the Chief Justice.

Nearly three weeks ago on 12 September, thousands of Sudanese rallied in Khartoum calling to appoint new senior judiciary officials and to launch an investigation into deaths, vicious attacks on protesters.

The initial version of the Interim Constitution said the chief justice and the attorney general are appointed by the Supreme Judicial Council. However, this independent body of judges is not yet formed.

The amended Constitutional Document allows the collegial presidency and the cabinet to appointed them in a joint meeting.

Minister of Culture and Information Faisal Mohamed Saleh who is also the government spokesman told reporters after the joint meeting that the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers adopted the constitutional document in its final version, which contains (78) articles.

“The adoption was by full consensus without a vote,” he further stressed.

Also, he said the constitutional text resolved the appointment of the Chief Justice and Attorney General who will be announced later by the Sovereign Council.

The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) have already nominated the two jurists.

Saleh said the amended transitional constitutional will be published in the official journal Sudan gazette.


Source: sudantribune