Despite German cars’ low market share, they meet customer needs: Volkswagen Egypt


Medhat Ismail, Sales and Marketing Director of Volkswagen Egypt, believes that German cars serve a certain Egyptian customer base because their prices are relatively high compared to other cars in the market. Despite the low market share of German cars combined (up to 8%), they are considered the best in terms of specifications, he added.

Ismail expected an increase in the market share of Volkswagen in 2020, which currently accounts for 2%, especially that the company is currently working on two models only, the Passat and Tiguan. However, this plan is temporary as the company is planning to launch new models soon.

He added that Volkswagen Egypt met with the management of its parent company last week where officials from the parent company made very promising statements. Following the global call for a green economy, the company is currently moving to electric cars.

Volkswagen has decided that electric vehicles will account for 60% of its production by 2030. The company is also considering cars that rely on natural gas (CNG), showing that it is preparing for the introduction of eco-friendly cars in the Egyptian market. He ruled out the possibility of launching Volkswagen electric models in Egypt.

Volkswagen Egypt is considering importing Chinese-made cars in the future.

Ismail did not rule out the possibility of establishing a project to assemble Volkswagen models in Egypt, as well as export car parts in favour of feeder industries abroad. All this, of course, in coordination with the parent company.

Ismail added that the distribution network and after-sales service currently covers all requirements of Egyptian Volkswagen customers, so he ruled out any expansions in the coming years.

Source: dailynewsegypt