Danish Crown Princess Expresses Satisfaction with Denmark-Morocco Relations

Danish Crown Princess Mary giving her speech. Photo credit: Adil Amghar

Rabat – Danish Crown Princess Mary expressed today, October 4, her satisfaction with the partnership and cooperation between Denmark and Morocco in the field of development.

The Princess gave a speech on the last day of the Youth Innovation Summit, an event co-organized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme.

The Princess said that events such as the Youth Innovation Summit are a good example of the fruitful bilateral relations between Morocco and Denmark. Innovation is the key to sustainable development, and the youth play an important role in this matter, according to Princess Mary.

The Crown Princess was impressed by the talents of the young Moroccans participating in the event and the quality of their projects. Some of the projects presented innovative solutions for mobilizing youth within the society, according to the speech.

Finally, Princess  Mary emphasized the importance of supporting the youth and working with them. She explained that they are tomorrow’s leaders and powerful change-inducing actors.

Youth Innovation Summit

The Youth Innovation Summit started on Monday, September 30, and ended today, October 4. The five-day event took place in OLM Souissi,  in Rabat.

The summit aimed to bring Moroccan youth to the forefront of social innovation, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship in Morocco.

More than 30 Moroccan organizations and businesses took part in the summit, and more than 2,500 visitors attended.

The Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports, the United Nations Development Program, and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the summit. Other partners of the event include local and international start-ups, artists, accelerator programs, and international banks.

Youth Dialogue Festival

The summit concluded with the Youth Dialogue Festival. The festival was open to the public for free, like the rest of the summit’s activities. It started at 9 a.m. with a Zumba session to warm up at the nearby Ibn Sina Park, also known as “Hilton Forest.”

Danish Princess Expresses Satisfaction with Denmark-Morocco RelationsDanish Princess Mary at the opening warm-up session of the festival. Photo credit: Adil Amghar

The festival officially started at 11 a.m. with speeches from Morocco’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Rachid Talbi Alami, and the Danish Crown Princess Mary. The event’s program included multiple dialogues and debates. Topics varied between the engagement of youth in sustainable development, the future of jobs in Morocco, female empowerment, and even food as a driver for change.

Danish Crown Princess Expresses Satisfaction with Denmark-Morocco RelationsThe main stage of the festival. Photo credit: Yahia Hatim / Morocco World News

More than 30 organizations presented their different services, ideas, and projects. Visitors showed a lot of interest in the stands, especially the ones hosting organizations working against discrimination and violence, in all of their forms.

Crown Princess Expresses Satisfaction with Denmark-Morocco RelationsMore than 30 organizations participated in the event. Photo credit: Yahia Hatim / Morocco World News

The tent-shaped stands also hosted a large number of workshops. The workshops included CV corrections for the young visitors and job interview simulations. They aimed to pinpoint some problems that a number of young Moroccans face when hunting for a job.

Danish Crown Princess Expresses Satisfaction with Denmark-MoroccoVisitors were able to participate in a number of workshops. Photo credit: Yahia Hatim / Morocco World News

The festival also included music performances, theater acts, and a range of other activities. Moroccan music band Hoba Hoba Spirit performed a closing concert that attracted a number of the band’s fusion music genre fans.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com