Gov’t needs to be proactive to counter misinformation – PenPlusBytes Director


Kwami Ahiabenu, a Former Executive Director of PenPlusBytes, a media and technology NGO, has urged the government to be more proactive in dealing with information concerning its programmes and policies.

He made the call against the backdrop of the supposed misinformation surrounding the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

On the Citi Breakfast Show, Mr. Ahiabenu noted that any ambiguity would leave citizens open to unverified information because people will create information to fill the gaps.

“The information owners and holders must be proactive in the way we share the information. If they don’t, the citizens are going to demand for the information.”

“When people went on social media nad talked about the issue and debated, now we get to a point that somebody claims the right information is that [CSE] was never approved. The point is that why didn’t you share this information with us long ago.”

There were a number of unverified documents with graphic images circulating in relation to the CSE policy.

This fueled the concerns raised about the potential for pupils to be given awareness of sexuality and LGBTQ issues at too early a stage as part of CSE.

In a series of communications from the government, it has insisted that CSE has not been approved for study clearing the air on the matter.

Aside from urging citizens to regulate the information they consume, Mr. Ahiabenu also called for tighter regulation.

“We have to promote self-regulation. We also have to ensure that the regulators don’t say that, look it is impossible to regulate but they also have to ensure that they do some minimum regulation in the space.”