Disability Rights Activists to Protest on the Streets of Rabat

Visually impaired people organizing a sit-in in front of the ministry of families in September 2018. Photo credit: Alyaoum24

Rabat – Moroccan organizations and activists fighting for the rights of people with special needs will take to the streets to protest in Rabat on Saturday, October 12. The demonstrations will start in front of Bab El Had, in the medina of Rabat, at 10 am.

The National Association of People with Disabilities, the National Association of Unemployed People, the National Association of Visually Impaired People, and other non-profit organizations will all be present at the demonstration.

“We want the government to activate their plans to promote handicapped people’s rights. They keep giving us fake promises to improve Morocco’s image on the international level, but in reality, disabled people in Morocco are still living in a very difficult situation,” Hafid El Hanouni, a member of the National Association of Visually Impaired People, told Morocco World News.

The activists have a sizeable list of needs. Some of the most urgent, according to El Hanouni, are ID cards designed for people with special needs, social grants, free transport, and employment.

The protesters will also ask for special schooling facilities, created for children with mental disabilities.

The protests coincide with the first anniversary of the death of Saber El Haloui, a visually impaired activist. The protester died on October 7, 2018, after falling from the rooftop of the ministry of families headquarters in Rabat. El Haloui fell during a sit-in of visually impaired citizens calling for employment.

The upcoming manifestations will not only commemorate El Haloui’s death, but also the death of Miloud El Hamraoui during a similar manifestation, back in December 2011. El Hamraoui, a visually impaired activist, fell from an escalator during protests at the ministry of families headquarters.

“If these incidents happened in a more developed democratic country, the minister would first of all resign. Not only that, but the government would also punish the people responsible for the incident,” said El Hanouni.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com