#WhatsCookingWednesday: 5 Brilliant Cook Books to help you eat more healthy


If you are looking to upgrade your cooking skills by learning how to cook like a pro , then we have gathered the best cook books across the continent just for you.

  1. The “African Cookbook” by Bea Sandler

Bea Sandler’s unique cook book takes a look through a wide range of African cultures and regions bringing out common cuisines amongst the people of that region. Shop here.

2. The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook By Chy Anegbu

The Ultimate Nigerian cook book has over 80 different delicious Nigerian recipes. It’s got tips for healthy Nigerian foods, information on Nigerian food ingredients plus smart cooking tips and tricks. Book by: chef and blogger Chy Anegbu, the bestselling Nigerian cook book is available here.

 3. The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa By Marcus Samuelsson

Award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden by adoptive parents, his life transcends national boundaries, and his individual approach to cuisine is a global yet personal one that draws freely from many ethnic and cultural influences. In The Soul of a New Cuisine, Marcus returns to the land of his birth to explore the continent’s rich diversity of cultures and cuisines through recipes and stories from his travels in Africa.

4. Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking By Kittee Berns

Kittee Berns expertly explains Ethiopian cuisine through easy to follow recipes, so you can savor authentic Ethiopian food without ever leaving home. Discover how to source and use the tantalizing seasonings and savory ingredients that are the foundation of these unique dishes. Recipes are almost entirely gluten- and soy-free, or can be made so with easy adaptions. Shop here

5. The Food of Morocco – Book full of African Recipes by Paula Wolfert

The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert’s brings to bear more than forty years of experience of, love and original research on the traditional food of Morroco. The result is the definitive book on Moroccan cuisine, from tender Berber skillet bread to spiced hariria (the classic soup made with lentils and chickpeas), from chicken with tangy preserved lemon and olives to steamed sweet and savoury breast of lamb stuffed with couscous and dates. The recipes are clear and inviting, and infused with the author’s unparalleled knowledge of this delicious food.

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