AU Commission President Praises Morocco’s Efforts on Climate Change, Role in Continental Stability

AU Commission President Moussa Faki Mahamat with Morocco’s AU representative mohamed arrouchi

Rabat – Moussa Faki Mahamat, the president of the AU Commission, has highlighted Morocco’s environment-friendly policies, as well the country’s front-seat role in the AU’s fight to promote peace and stability on the continent.

The laudatory remarks, yet another supportive, morale-boosting message for Morocco’s Africa-focused diplomatic gaze, came in a recent meeting between the AU official and Morocco’s AU representative.

During his meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with Ambassador Mohammed Arrouchi, Morocco’s permanent representative to the AU and the UN Economic Commission for Africa, Mahamat was particularly full of positive remarks about Morocco’s role in African affairs. 

From promoting intra-African exchanges to making tangible efforts to help fellow African countries’ socio-economic prosperity through expertise sharing and reliable partnership, Mahamat argued, Morocco is quickly becoming an assertive African voice and an inspiration for many countries on the continent.

In addition to evoking the traditionally security and stability-focused AU talking points, Mahamat and the Moroccan ambassador also mentioned the growing significance of climate change in African geopolitics and national policies across the continent. On the climate front, Mahamat lauded Morocco’s environment-friendly efforts and its initiative to share its energy efficiency expertise with the rest of the continent. 

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As the meeting came at the end of Morocco’s one-month tenure at the helm of the AU Peace and Security Council, Mahamat and Ambassador Arrouchi seized the opportunity to review the AU body’s achievements during Morocco’s chairmanship. 

Under Morocco’s leadership, the AU PSC’s agenda featured meetings on climate change policies for Africa, the post-Omar al-Bashir transition in Sudan, and the recently concluded UN General Assembly. 

Mahatma’s supportive message comes as Morocco, aware of the notable gains it has made in Africa in recent months, seeks to capitalize on the leadership position its pan-African efforts have helped it secure. 

Recently speaking at a panel on “The Interdependence between Peace, Security, and Development,” Morocco’s Nasser Bourita insisted on Rabat’s unwavering commitment to initiating “effective and coherent” intra-African platforms to collectively meet the challenges facing the continent. 

From climate change, socio-economic underdevelopment, to the lingering conflicts in some African countries, Bourita stressed, “Morocco strongly believes that the response to all our challenges is concerted action and shared responsibility.”