Amber Portwood Returns to Instagram, Swears She’s Not a Sociopath


The last time we heard Amber Portwood’s voice, she was threatening to straight up murder Andrew Glennon.

Just over a month ago, multiple videos recorded by Glennon hit the Internet, creating quite an uproar because they seemed to depict Portwood as a violent, malicious, dangerous mental case who had no respect at all for her boyfriend or, really, for her young son, either.

Seriously, these videos are disturbing.

Amber said nothing at all about them in the weeks since they went viral, but she did then return to Instagram Live around 4:30 a.m. Indianapolis time on Friday, October 11.

She touched on MANY subjects in the process.

Scroll down for a rundown of her session:

1. Did Portwood Just Go Off on Andrew Here?

Not really, either. She was rather subdued, perhaps because her lawyers have told the reality star that she simply has to lay low and can’t risk further legal repercussions by feuding with Glennon in public.

2. When Had We Last Heard from Amber?

When Had We Last Heard from Amber?

On September 2, she posted a photo of son James and wrote as a caption: “Love you and see you soon little bubba.”

3. Is She Allowed to See James These Days?

Is She Allowed to See James These Days?

Yes, under the supervision of a court-appointed adult. We do not know the last time Amber spent time with her son, however.

4. As a Refresher:

As a Refresher:

She was arrested on July 5 for allegedly attacking Glennon after a domestic dispute turned physical. She has admitted to throwing a shoe at him, but denied charges of using a machete to try and break down the bathroom door behind which he was hiding with James.

5. Since Then?

Since Then?

Glennon has defended himself as a boyfriend and a father and tried to make it clear to everyone just how unstable Amber has been for a very long time now. Portwood, meanwhile, hasn’t said a whole lot as she awaits her next court hearing.

6. Let’s Cue Up the Instagram Live in That Case!

Let's Cue Up the Instagram Live in That Case!

“I’m laying low, guys, until I’m able to speak. I’m laying low,” Amber said early in this session, before talking about how hard it’s been to stay off social media, per the orders of her legal team.

Source: thehollywoodgossip