Ansar -Ud-Deen Society Of Nigeria Celebrates 5th Waleemat-Ul-Quar’an Ceremony







Recently, the Ansar-ud-deen Society of Nigeria, Akoka branch, Lagos, celebrated their 5th Waleemat-Ul- Qur’an graduation. The event, which took place at the Ansar-ud-deen Central Mosque, Akoka was filled with men, women and children of all ages as they came to witness the event.

Speaking at the event was the newly installed Chief Imam of the mosque, Alhaji Abdulfatai Adedoyin Popoola, who spoke on the importance of the day. “I just want to thank Almighty Allah for the Waleemat we are having today. This is the fifth Waleemat ceremony from this branch and these particular ones graduating today are the selected best. There are 19 of them and I can boldly say that all the students that I selected are excellent. I say this because I know my products as I grilled them day and night in Qur’an. These granduands have represented this great society in different competitions and occasions. Now they are going back home as granduands of Islam with many gifts, blessings and rewards from their hard work in being faithful students of Islam.”

Highlights of the event included the official installation / turbanning of the branch missioner, citation of the granduands, presentation of reading slates (Walah), reading from the Qur’an, donations made by well wishers, blessing of the granduands and presentation of certificates.


– AdPone –