COVID-19 Crisis: Australian Ambassador Thanks Moroccans for Compassion

Australian Ambassador to Morocco Berenice Owen-Jones.

Rabat – Australian Ambassador to Morocco Berenice Owen-Jones thanked Morocco and its citizens for their exemplary efforts amid the novel coronavirus crisis in a Facebook video.

The footage, shared on the page of the Australian Embassy in Morocco on Thursday, March 26, shows the ambassador addressing a message of solidarity with all Moroccans.

“I would like to share a message of warm support to Moroccans in this difficult period of the fight against the coronavirus,” said the diplomat.

“I have been living in this wonderful country for three years and I would like to send my thanks and my encouragement to Morocco in its relentless fight for the benefit of its people,” she continued.

Owen-Jones went on to thank medical personnel, the military, and local authorities for their efforts to keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control in the country.

“I also thank the staff of Moroccan airports who helped stranded tourists regain their homes,” she added.

The ambassador expressed her gratitude to Moroccans for their hospitality and support for stranded tourists, including Australians.

“My thoughts are also with Moroccans stranded abroad, away from their families and friends,” said Owen-Jones.

“Whether we are Australian, Moroccan, or from another country is unimportant. We are all concerned by the epidemic. Solidarity is crucial,” she continued.

The Australian diplomat concluded her speech by reassuring that “we will overcome this crisis.”

The Australian ambassador is not the first to express gratitude to Moroccans. Earlier this week, the American and British Embassies in Morocco also thanked Moroccans for their hospitality.

“The past several days have been unprecedented. We would like to say thank all the Moroccans in Marrakech and across this extraordinary country for the kindness and generosity you have shown and continue to show to our citizens,” shared the US Embassy on their Facebook page.

British Ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly expressed his appreciation on Twitter.

“Just opened my LinkedIn page to find loads of messages from Moroccans offering their houses & accommodation to British nationals stuck in Morocco,” he wrote.

“It is that kind of generosity & warmth of spirit that makes Morocco such a remarkable country. I hope my countrymen come back soon.”