Economy Ministry Elaborates Donation Methods to COVID-19 Special Fund

Morocco’s central bank, Bank Al-Maghrib.

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Administration Reform published a statement outlining appropriate methods to donate to the Special Fund for the Management and Response to COVID-19.

Individuals and legal entities within Morocco can contribute to the special fund by making a bank transfer to the following account number: 001 810 00 780 002 011 062 02 21, on the books of Bank Al-Maghrib – Rabat, in the name of the Ministerial Treasurer of the Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Administrative Reform.

The ministry explained that contributors must put “donation to the special fund to fight against Coronavirus” in any transfer memo.

Contributors residing abroad can donate through a bank transfer to the account: MA 64 001 810 00 780 002 011 062 02 21, in the name of the Ministerial Treasurer of the Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Administrative Reform.

Donors should note the bank of the beneficiary: Bank Al-Maghrib, Av Ennakhil, Hay Riad, Rabat– Morocco. SWIFT Code: BKAMMAMR.

Purpose of the transfer: “Donation to the special fund ‘fight against Coronavirus.’”

The ministry said that cash contributions and bank checks are also accepted.

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In the case of cash or check contributions, payment should be directed to public accountants reporting to the General Treasury of the Kingdom at the national level, such as ministerial treasurers, regional treasurers, prefectural and provincial treasurers, and tax collectors, as well as the accounting officers of diplomatic missions and consular posts abroad.

Bank checks should include the name of the public accountant (e.g. ministerial treasurer, regional treasurer, prefectural treasurer, provincial treasurer, or tax collector).

Contributors will receive a receipt for each deposit. 

King Mohammed VI ordered the COVID-19 fund’s creation on March 15, with an initial budget of $1 billion.

The fund is intended to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on Morocco’s society and national economy, especially for vulnerable sectors such as tourism. The fund is also allocated to cover the costs of upgrading medical infrastructure to appropriately treat COVID-19 patients. 

Several public and private companies, national institutions, and philanthropists have already made contributions to the fund. Contributors have added a total surpassing MAD 25 billion ($2.54 billion) to the fund since its inception.