Free Educational Resources to Keep Kids Busy in COVID-19 Lockdown


The spread of the novel coronavirus prompted school shutdowns across the globe, leaving parents in the tricky position of acting as home-school teachers while the world waits out the pandemic.

The Moroccan government has created an online platform to help children continue their learning at home, and the country’s television channels are broadcasting classes. However, the resources may not be enough to keep kids busy and keep those brains ticking until schools can re-open.

But do not worry, there is no need to panic. As more and more schools close to protect children from catching or spreading COVID-19 to vulnerable family members, online companies and resource platforms are making educational activities and apps available for free.

Communication is key

Communication is key.

Learning new languages can be tricky at the best of times, and even harder when you have no one to practice with.

Kids can access Duolingo online or as a smartphone or tablet app to practice their foreign language skills.

The platform provides classes and activities for over 30 languages and will give learners a real sense of achievement as they work their way up the levels.

Children can keep up with languages they currently study at school, or even use the COVID-19 lockdown as an opportunity to pick up a new skill.

You can find out more here:

Travel to space

Travel to spaceTravel to space.

It can be difficult for kids to stay engaged in science when they are cooped up at home without all the resources of a school science laboratory, but taking a virtual trip to space could be the answer.

The resources available on the National Science Foundation website cater to both children who are already engaged in science and astronomy, and those who might need a little bit of a boost.

The site includes a link to Amazing Space, a website where kids can play interactive science-based computer games to find out more about space and astronomy.

Science whiz kids can find a range of interactive, free resources at:

‘Make any room a classroom’

While some parents may be great mathematicians, and others art experts or science geeks, most moms and dads will need a little help in at least one subject.

BrainPOP is a website designed to meet the needs of kids (and parents) during the novel coronavirus pandemic school closures.

Parents can set up a free family account to set tasks and for their kids and monitor progress. The site provides videos and interactive activities for all subjects for kids from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Students can watch video tutorials and then play interactive games or take quizzes to test themselves on what they have learned.

You can set up your free account here:

The US-based Khan Academy has set up a similar platform with resources following the United States’ curriculum. As with BrainPOP, activities are categorized by subject and grade.

One advantage of the Khan Academy is its schedule suggestions. Even if your kids are following remote classes with their own schools, it is worth looking at the timetable–it may inspire you!

You can find Khan Academy resources here:

Open up their world

Open up their world

Travel is out of the question, but that does not have to stop kids from learning about the world they live in. After all, it will still be there when the lockdown ends.

National Geographic has a space designed just for kids and offers resources and quizzes on natural history, geography, and world issues.

From Aborignal culture to the history of volcanoes to how to save the world from climate change, children can travel to different times and countries through quizzes and fact-files.

You can tempt reluctant learners with the site’s educational video games and trick them into learning something new!

Check out the National Geographic Kids space here:

Make your own comic strip

Make your own comic stripMake your own comic strip.

The lockdown, though frustrating, could be a chance for children to learn new skills and there are a lot of resources available to get them started.

A group of well-known illustrators and artists are sharing free video tutorials on Youtube, showing kids the secrets to creating their own cartoons and comic strips.

Aspiring artists can follow the tutorials online and create their own masterpieces.

Artist Mo Willems has also recorded a series of tutorials, also available on Youtube:

Videos from other artists are available here: