French Helicopter Carrier Dixmude Makes Stopover in Casablanca

French helicopter carrier Dixmude. Screenshot from the “Visite Interdite” show

Rabat – French helicopter carrier Dixmude made a stopover at the Casablanca port. The carrier docked in Casablanca on Wednesday, January 15.

The French embassy in Morocco held a ceremony on board the navy helicopter carrier. Military officials from both countries attended the event, along with French Ambassador to Morocco Helene Le Gal.

Le Gal underlined that the stopover is part of the “ambitious cooperation activities between” Rabat and Paris.

The event seeks to exchange technical and operational expertise, with the aim of increasing interoperability and promoting regional security in the maritime sector.

The docking of the helicopter carrier will also serve as an opportunity to work with Morocco’s Royal Navy to boost the “extremely strong” partnership between the two countries.

“We are delighted with this partnership we have with Morocco,” the ambassador told Maghreb Arab Press (MAP). 

During the three-day stopover officials and military representatives will convene for meetings to discuss means to reinforce military cooperation.

Morocco and France share strong diplomatic relations in different fields, including the military and security sectors.

According to the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the countries share “long-standing” and “excellent bilateral” relations.

“High-level meetings are held regularly at the level of Heads of Government. These meetings, which have taken place since 1997, have helped bring our political dialogue up to the level we maintain with our closest European partners, demonstrating France’s solidarity with Morocco,” the ministry stipulates.

The two countries share regular collaboration in the fight against irregular migration and terrorism in the region, including in the Sahel.

Recently, Jean Sylvester Mongrenier, a researcher at the Thomas More Institute,  analyzed the French-Moroccan partnership in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel.

In “Geopolitics of the Sahel and the fight against fanaticism: an overall vision,” the researcher described Morocco as the only strategic partner for France in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel.