I Hardly Get Aroused With My Husband







Dear Oyin,

I have a problem that I am ashamed to say to anyone. The problem has to do with my sexuality. I notice that when I am with my husband I hardly get wet but whenever I stray from my marriage and with someone else, it is always the opposite. Whenever I get back to my husband, the dryness continues. Please what do you think is the cause of this problem because I love my husband but having sex with him is a huge problem for me?


Dear Anonymous,

You are the problem. I know you said you have feelings for your husband but the truth is you really don’t when it comes to the aspect of sex. Another reason is that maybe your husband doesn’t arouse you before sexual intercourse. There are ways of making a woman feel sexy and if she doesn’t feel it then she can never get wet for him. Once a woman is not wet for a man then sex with the man becomes painful and boring. So you and your husband have some works to do in your sex lives. You know what turns you on, show him and enjoy your husband.


– AdPone –

Source: independent.ng