I Still Love My Psychotic Girlfriend







Dear Oyin,
I am in pain. I thought I can handle it but I can’t. I have been in relationship for my lady for the past five years but she threw that all away last week when she threw my ring at me and walked away. God knows I love her with all my heart. I don’t know what to do.
You see, my woman has always been this weird kind of lady that acts psychotic sometimes but I love her and her strange behavior. She drives me crazy with it and this makes me know she loves me. She is the type of woman who shows her feelings openly. If she doesn’t like someone it shows and when she loves it shows. We had a quarrel some few weeks back. We were both angry and instead of me to call her, I didn’t, I just wanted her to know I was angry. Only for her to come and threw the wedding ring at me. The funny thing is I know she doesn’t have anyone and I know she is hurting the way I am hurting. How do I set things right between us?
Jack, Lagos

Dear Jack,
When you know the kind of woman she is, you would have handled her in a more mature way. She is psychotic in nature and you love her that way, so why didn’t you call her? Do you realise people with psychotic behaviour loves attention? She needed you that moment; unfortunately your anger took the better part of the show. Anyway, you can still rectify matters by getting in touch with her. If truly she loves you as you claimed, then she may give you a little hard time but will eventually succumb to you at the end of the day. Dealing with women like this needs patience and I have a feeling she loves you, that is why you are experiencing all these. She wants you to know all sides of her so as for you to know what you are getting into in the near future. If you truly want her, then don’t give up on her. She wants the attention, please give it to her.


Source: independent.ng