Let Us Benefit From Your Programs – Deaf Association To NGOs


The Northern Regional Association of the deaf has appealed to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the Region to include them in programs they organize to ensure they also benefit.

According to the association which is under the Ghana National Association of Deaf (GNAD), NGOs in the Region have been organizing programs for hearing people but fail to include people of their kind.

The deaf association in the Northern Region [Northern, North East, and Savannah] has therefore pleaded with the many organizations to think of them whenever they plan such programs that will be beneficial.

This was stressed at the official establishment of the Savannah Regional Association of the Deaf (SRAD) that took place from January 7-10, 2020, at the Mahama Guest House in Damongo.

Speaking at the event, President of NRAD Sumani Bapio Ibrahim said: “We wish to state that there are many NGOs in the Northern Region (Northern, North East, and Savannah) they organize many projects and programs for hearing people in different regions and its MMDAs which deaf people have not to benefit as that of hearing people”.

He continued, “Only a few NGOs consider deaf people and invited few deaf to participate in their programs. We, therefore, appeal to all NGOs to ensuring that that deaf people benefit from their programs.

In line with that, the Northern Region Association of the Deaf has directed that NGOs and any other organization that will like to add deaf in their programs to contact the regional president for interpreters’ contact so that they can negotiate between the sign language interpreter (SLI) and the service provider for the cost of SLI.

Mr. Sumani Bapio Ibrahim further appealed to deaf parents to send deaf children to school for the deaf while also appealing to social welfare and MMDAs to help deaf children to be sent to school.

Source: modernghana