Ministry Asks for Additional Fund of MAD 1 Billion for Mosques Renovation Projects

Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco

Rabat – Morocco’s Minister of Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq spoke about his department’s projects, including the renovation of mosques, at a House of Councillors session on Tuesday, January 14.

Toufiq said that about 200 mosques are closed annually for renovation works.

Morocco has about 52,400 mosques, with a total area of at least 8.5 million square meters.

The minister emphasized that the spaces are all public buildings that require regular maintenance and budgetary mobilization for renovation.

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The operation to carry out renovation at mosques started in 2011 with a proposed budget off MAD 140 million ($ 14.61 million), the official added. The renovation process covered 3,238 mosques, of which 1,034 have been renovated.

More 459 mosques are in the process of renovation, while 189 are in the process of being authorized.

The minister warned that there are more mosques that need renovation but continued construction work will require additional funds.

The ministry asked for an additional financial budget for the 2020-2022 period. The ministry said it needs MAD 1 billion ($104 million) to meet renovation demands.

Tofiq said if the government refuses to meet his demands, the ministry will be obliged to suspend most new projects for mosques, administrative and cultural complexes, as well as traditional Quranic schools.

The 2020 Finance Law allocated MAD 2.86 billion ($298 million) for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs adopted by the two houses of the Moroccan parliament.