Moroccan ‘Influencer’ Proposes to Husband, Again

Safia Tazi, a Moroccan influencer proposing to her husband at Morocco Mall. Photo from video

Rabat – Moroccan “influencer” Safia Tazi surprised her partner by proposing to him again publicly at Morocco Mall, Casablanca.

The romantic gesture took place just a day before Valentine’s Day.

It is probably the first time a Moroccan woman has made such a public display of affection, a move that received applause from people in the mall.

“Kamil, you know that I have problems expressing my feelings. But for you, I am ready to do that, because you deserve it,” she said.

The influencer thanked her husband for being there for her all the time and for bringing joy to her life.

Following heartwarming messages behind the big screen at Morocco Mall, the influencer proposed to her husband directly in front of dozens of people.

The couple subsequently hugged and while shoppers applauded.

The influencer, who has more than 121,000followers on Instagram shared the video on her social media.

She said that has been married to Kamil for five years. The couple have known each other for nine years.

“You knelt the first time to propose, I did it for my turn in front of the whole world to tell you clearly that I am proud to be your woman!” she wrote.

The official Morocco Mall Instagram account re-shared the video, saying “a very nice statement at Morocco Mall.”

“Bravo to you Safia Tazi for your beautiful declaration and your love to your darling Kamil.”