Moroccan Minister: Morocco Can Be Global Green Hydrogen Supplier

Minister of Energy and Mining, Aziz Rebbah, is participating  in IRENA event

Rabat – The 10th Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has served as an opportunity for Morocco to share its vision and expertise in the field of energy.

Minister of Energy and Mining, Aziz Rebbah, is participating  in the event which kicked off on January 10 in Abu Dhabi.

The minister, according to a statement shared with Morocco World News, delivered a speech about Morocco’s ambition to enlarge its renewable energy capacity and performance to strengthen its position as a world leader in the field.

Rebbah spoke about Morocco’s hydrogen production capacity, saying that the country’s performance in the production of the material “would benefit the market globally”

“Hydrogen is not a regional resource, and  Morocco could be a bastion for green hydrogen for the whole world. Given our business environment, we’re ready,” he added.

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Speaking about efforts in terms of hydroelectric power, Rabbah said Morocco has managed to install an electrical capacity of 1,770 megawatts, 460 of which are implemented in the form of Pumped Energy Transfer Station and 600 MW are under development. 

With several solar hubs across the region, Morocco attracted dozens of investors in the field as well as media outlets who spoke favorably about its leadership in the field.

In July, CNN emphasized Morocco’s role as a world leader in renewable energy.

“The country is also home to the world’s largest concentrated solar farm,” the CNN report stressed, referring  to the Ouarzazate solar farm.

Through such efforts, Morocco seeks to create electricity sufficiency, the government has maintained. 

By the end of 2018, the country produced 35% of its electricity output from renewable energy sources.  The ultimate goal, according to the government, 

is to generate 42% of its electricity from the industry by 2020.

“Developing and emerging countries like Morocco want to move from merely producing electricity from renewable energies and developing energy efficiency,” said Rebbah.

He added that this is happening as the country is renowned in the energy industry, having secured  several partnerships with major countries and international companies.

The Moroccan minister also spoke about the importance of the “development of scientific research” to reinforce the industry, which he said is part of Morocco’s strategy.

But Rebbah also signaled some persisting challenges facing certain countries, including Morocco, in their ambitions to implement an effective transition to green, sustainable energies.

“The challenge for developing countries, such as Morocco, is precisely to define ‘low carbon development’ strategies through the transformation of the energy sector,” he said.

The minister said that Morocco seeks to be in line with the international steps undertaken to combat climate change consequences, with the goal to limit its greenhouse gas emissions at 42% by 2030.

“The mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) gases is based essentially on the large-scale development of renewable energies and the strengthening of Energy Efficiency,” the minister warned.

The speech also pinpointed Morocco’s achievement in the solar power energy, with Noor Ouarzazate complex reaching a capacity of 580 megawatts.

“Regarding wind energy, the implementation of programs adopted as part of the national energy strategy enabled the commissioning of a capacity of more than 1,220 MW [megawatts] developed and more than 870 MW in the implementation phase,” he emphasized.