Morocco to Compensate Farmers in Drought-Affected Areas


Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Agriculture announced on March 26 its decision to compensate farmers in the areas that experienced unfavorable climate conditions due to lack of rainfall during the winter season.

In a joint press release, the ministry and Mutual Moroccan Agricultural Insurance Company (MAMDA) announced that they launched joint expertise operations at the beginning of March to detect the areas most affected by lack of rainfall.

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The lack of rain adversely impacted the output of certain crops, especially cereals in the worst-affected areas, the press release continued.

Physical technical reports, supplemented by satellite images or drones, “are being finalized and all the measures have been taken so that the farmers of these zones are compensated as soon as possible,” the press release added.

The statement maintained that the Ministry of Agriculture and MAMDA will continue their technical field assessments according to a mechanism that “takes into account the vegetative state of crops in different regions, especially with regard to the last rainfall.”

The multi-risk climate insurance covers an area of ​​one million hectares with an insured capital of MAD 1.1 billion ($111.4 million).

Minister of Agriculture Aziz Akhannouch acknowledged on March 11 that the agriculture sector was hit hard by the lack of rainfall, but denied that the season qualifies as a drought.

The minister, however, insists that there is still hope, saying, “Some rainfall might radically change things.”

Several provinces throughout the country recently experienced a drop in temperatures, snowfall, thunderstorms, and heavy rains. It remains to be seen whether the spring showers have the capacity to resuscitate this year’s agricultural season.