Morocco’s Exports of Agri-Food Products Reached 3.1 Million Tons in 2018-2019


Rabat – The Ministry of Agriculture  has shared a positive overview on the statistics of Morocco’s total exports of agri-food products.

The ministry finds that exports of agro-food products recorded a growth of 97 % with a share of about 21% compared to the total exports of Morocco during the 2010-2018 period.

The exports notably increased from MAD  29.3 billion in 2010 to 57.7 billion in 2018, the ministry found.

Exports of agri-food products reached around 3.1 million tons during the 2018-2019 campaign in terms of volume. This is the  first time that Morocco reached this volume in its history, the statement added.

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The number represents a growth of 9 % compared to the 2017-2018 campaign and 57 % compared to the 2010-2011 campaign.

The ministry released the statistics quoted by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) after the meeting of the  board of directors of the Autonomous Establishment for Export Control and Coordination (EACCE), Morocco Foodex, held recently in Rabat.

MAP reported that the board of directors meeting was marked by the presentation of the project on the digitalization of the “Easy Food Export” technical control system.

The project is the fruit of a partnership between Morocco Foodex, Tanger Med, the administration of the Customs of Indirect Taxes, and the National Office food safety (ONSSA). The collaborators are set to launch the project by early February 2020.

The project seeks to ease export formalities, improve the transparency of the technical control system, and reduce the time required to complete export procedures.

The new system, MAP added,  will allow a saving of “time estimated at around 7 days for the technical approval of the export units, around 2.5 days for the registration of the exporting traders and around 1, 5 days for the process of checking the conformity of agricultural and maritime food products intended for export.”