Riyadh on Track to Become Sustainable City – International Experts

Over 60 international experts have concluded a 2-day symposium ‘Riyadh:         The Sustainable City’, offering advice and suggestions on projects worth US$23 billion, that will help transform

Riyadh into a world-class sustainable city and enhance the lives of its 7 million residents.
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 19 November 2019, (AETOSWire): A panel of prominent
international experts from various academic and professional fields have concluded a symposium
on Riyadh’s plans to become a world-class sustainable city.
The Symposium, hosted by The Royal Commission for Riyadh (RCRC), took place at King
Fahad Library, Riyadh on 12 th and 13 th November 2019. Roundtable discussions centered on the
4 Wellbeing Projects – King Salman Park (www.riyadhksp.sa/en/), Green Riyadh
(www.riyadhgreen.sa/en/), Riyadh Art (www.riyadhart.sa/en/), and Sports Boulevard
(www.riyadhalmasar.sa/en/) – and covered sustainable urban development, conservation, socio-
economic wellbeing, cultural nourishment, and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle for all
The 4 Wellbeing Projects will greatly improve residents’ way of life by providing a greener,
healthier environment and by encouraging participation in cultural and sporting life, in line with
the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. These four projects are transformative and are part of a massive
development plan for the capital, highlighting the Kingdom's leadership in sustainable
urbanization and environmental management. The US$23 billion government investment, along
with an estimated US$15 billion of private sector contribution in the four projects, will help
transform the capital and enhance the wellbeing of its 7 million citizens.
Eng. Ibrahim Al-Shayeh, General Manager of Strategic Urban Planning at RCRC and Chairman
of the Symposium, said: “Cities are at the forefront of global efforts to stabilize climate heating,
while providing a quality of life to growing populations. Through events like the ‘Riyadh: The
Sustainable City’ Symposium, and many more to come, our aim is to plan and implement a
future for Riyadh that is smart, resilient and sustainable, working in harmony with the
environment, while at the same time enhancing the wellbeing of citizens.”
Dr. David Griggs, a Professor at the Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University, who
led the discussion groups, said: “Every one of these Wellbeing Projects is quite extraordinary.
Riyadh will be transformed in ways that you and I can’t fully understand. They will transform
this city not just in its infrastructure and facilities, but will transform health, culture and the very
way citizens live their lives.”
“Collectively, these 4 projects will make Riyadh a phenomenally attractive city in which to live,
to work and to visit”, he added.