Video Documents Young Man’s Reckless, Crazy Driving in Casablanca

Screenshot from the video

Rabat – Videos have gone viral of  a young man’s moments of reckless, crazy, and scary  driving in Casablanca.

Several videos show the man putting his head on the driving wheel without looking at the road. Sometimes the driver is seen using  his phone to check the road while still appearing to be sleeping.

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Other videos show the man driving his car on the railway of Casablanca’s tramway, while others show him recklessly driving pass other cars. 

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has issued a statement on Twitter to announce the arrest of the driver.

“Police put a person in custody and opened a judicial investigation against him after he appeared in videos driving his car at an excessive speed and in a dangerous manner.”

The statement added that the behavior “threatens the security of road users and their safety as well as the infrastructure for tramway locomotives.”